One Thousand ‘Polleras’ Parade

Mid-January 2020
The ‘pollera’ is the women’s national dress, which is used for special occasions such as wedding, national holidays, Carnival and traditional festivals. It is made up of a wide blouse and long skirt with hand-embroidered flowers. It is worn with head accessories called ‘tembleques’ and a set of traditional jewelry. It could take up to a year to finish a whole ‘pollera’.
The One Thousand ‘Polleras’ Parade takes place in Las Tablas city, where hundreds of women wear Panama’s different traditional costumes in a parade full of music, color, and music.

Panama Jazz Festival

Every year the Panama Jazz Festival, created by renown Panamanian pianist Danilo Perez, brings to Panama musicians from the Global Jazz Institute, Berkeley College of Music, and world famous jazz artists. Thousand of visitors, students and musicians from all over the world attend the festival. The Festival includes workshops, master classes and performances. It closes with a large outdoors concert, with free admission, attended by around 20,000 people.


February 21 – 25

Carnival in Panama is celebrated during four days all around the country, from small towns to the capital city. During the day, people gather at the town’s main square to enjoy what is called ‘mojadera’ or ‘culeco’, an activity where tank trucks through water over the people while they dance and drink. This water activity is a relief under the dry season’s burning sun. The day ends with a Carnival queen’s floats parade, followed by a vibrant nightlife in every town and city.